Handmade accessories for children

As a child I used to peep on my mother when she was remodeling clothes from older to younger siblings, patching holes and oversewing jeans teared apart on a fence. Me and my siblings would find impossible places to go in and it was heavily connected with damages in wardrobe. When few years ago I bought my first sewing machine I started my personal adventure from simple project for myself, you can see my first steps on my blog jimisews.com.

When I gave birth to my daughter I started sewing first cuddly toys, blankets and pillows. Some of you knows how it is in the beginnings of having a first child - you want to show him heaven on earth, give him everything what’s best and you often forget about reason.

I gave birth to our son some time ago and everything started again, I made a bed bumper because our colt started to buck very quickly, a first natural teether because teething is obligatory in every child's development (unfortunately), a clip for the pacifier because lost pacifier is a bane of each mom - night exploring for a pacifier inside a bassin, outside it, under it, maybe under the mattress ... maybe he swallowed it… pure madness. Friends kids have those beautiful decorations in their room, so maybe I will sew some buntings, ohh maybe a tipi tent is what our children needs to play… There are so many ideas, there is just no room for all of those things.

That was the time I thought I want to sew for others, because it became my passion and I really enjoy it. A connection of passion and ability to make one’s contribution to our family budget was always my dream. I would like to share fruits of my work with you, I keep sewing in every free moment and I put all my heart in each product. I hope you will find it in your own order.